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Thermocover Thermocover Represents very simple, convenient and economic kind Of cover .     now about advantages of given type Of cover . this method high-speed: from 60 to 200 copies at an o`clock. Bound Thus the document not"is inflated", remains flat at any thickness that does convenient archiving, and also post mailing (similar advantage, unfortunately, does not possess Cover plastic ). the third important advantage its low cost price. let`s compare cost of expendable materials for Of cover In the thickness of 3 mm at use of plastic springs (0,57$) and thermocovers (0,30$).       Thermocover Has conclusive advantages: Bound Brochures; Of cover ; Of cover . , Of cover In comparison with spring Cover And minuses smaller firmness and durability of a finished article. for this reason it is used, basically, for small thickness, and the most popular sizes of covers to 12 mm.       Of cover It is necessary to get office Thermocovers Of a various thickness, depending on what thickness of foot it is necessary Bind . Thermocovers Can to be in the thickness from 1,5 mm to 54 mm and are used for Of cover From 2 to 500 sheets. colour Of thermocovers ,. Of thermocovers Is Termomaster .        principle Of work Of all Thermobinding Cars it is uniform: in a cover (or Back ), On internal Which surface is put a thermoplastic layer, the document (a pile of sheets) is inserted. after that the cover with the document enclosed in it is located in Thermobinding The car, Thermoplastic Is warmed up, and in it document sheets. process of a warming up and occupies from various models of cars from 15 to 60 seconds and further the copy cools down and is ready to the use! it Equipment Is compact and inexpensive; it is harmless, without demanding the equipped premises and special conditions; at last, applied high technologies allow to do without vocational training of the operator. all three factors are rather powerful at choice Binding The equipment advertising or documentary departments of firms, small advertising workshops, miniprinting houses.            ( ) Equipment , overcome these lacks Of cover . in cars DUPLO FAST BACK Thermoplastic, On backs . service of this technics does not demand any special preparation it works "independently": the optical sensor control quickly and precisely positions Back ; Thermoplastic 4 rbts.txt 11-11-11-movie.ru Bound Thus sheets too it is difficult enough. but it also is not required unlike other types glutinous and Of cover Back FASTBACK Can pass repeated temperature processing By car To remove or replace unnecessary sheets. outwardly backs FASTBACK Are very attractive, and the scale from 16 various colours and shades allows to pick up an optimum combination to covers. preliminary On back It is possible to print an inscription: or one of traditional polygraphic ways, or the special printer for the backs, let out manufacturer FASTBACK . at all variety backs FASTBACK Are very convenient in storage them exists only three sizes: narrow, average and wide that allows Of cover All possible volumes from 3 to 350 pages, and On younger Models to 125 pages. one more of advantages FASTBACK , unlike other Thermocovers , - disclosing On 180 To the basis that does its ideal for Of cover Business reports, the internal documentation and archives, descriptions to software products, teaching materials, catalogues and many other things. the especial attention should be turned On fastback To sellers of the most various technics, compelled Of cover Volume engineering specifications.       GMP Xl-150, xl-300 and xl-500, Of cover Ready covers, differ with width of a working surface and, accordingly, thickness Of cover The document: 15, 30 and 50 mm. xl-500 it appears most "universal", but also most expensive - $290 (august 2010). the most popular average model, GMP Xl-300, still quite accessible ($135), but already representing is enough ample opportunities.

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