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краски холли 2017

краски холли 2017
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Plastic spiral            technical progress in the field of Polygraphies Goes fast rates. the company Dilor deduces On The market really unique products. Plastikoil the best alternative to metal. Dilor introduces in russia the new standard On change to metal comb The plastic spiral Made on canadian technology Comes colour Plastikoil . and together with it On market There are new compact high-efficiency Punchers The binding cars Intended for Of work With this By spiral . the prototype of technology Plastikoil Existed in europe in the fifties but then it have refused because of poor quality of raw materials. today plastic Spiral Is made of pvc with the special additives, providing to it the excellent physical properties not inherent in metal. Spiral Can be combined half-and-half, to crumple and bend, come On it A foot upon termination of influence it as Spring , will return to a former condition, keeping thus rigidity of all design. it means that fastened plastic By spiral Products can be transported as much as far and long. Cover on plastic spring Represents the most economic and widespread kind Of cover Without which any office does not manage any more almost. and it is not surprising, because advantages such Of cover Are obvious: Of cover ; possibility Of cover To 500 sheets;  cheapness and reliability of a plastic spring. Spiral 5 and 6 mm are delivered in cutting, diameters from 6 to 28 mm and with step 3:1, 4:1. it means that the client does not need to get the whole reel, for example, dark blue colour to fasten 500 brochures enough to order demanded quantity of pieces and not to freeze the money in expectation of the following order 4 rbts.txt 11-11-11-movie.ru For fastening Dark blue By spiral . besides, the client can not count a stock On its ends Spiral Is cut with the necessary admission. Spiral Can become an important element of design there are 45 colours, including the exotic: for example, shone in the dark. for the large order probably Manufacturing filched Individual colour. use of spirals of three different shades is capable to give more finished kind to a three-block calendar, and the fastening colourless By spiral Conceals transition between various shades of its substrates. All kinds of sealed materials a paper, a cardboard, plastic, a film are subject to plastic spiral it means that they can be combined, offering the market essentially new kinds or To polygraphic production . certainly, the registration aesthetics plays a key role at a fastening of such production, as writing-books, Notebooks , office documentation, advertising leaflets, trading catalogues, albums for children, multibank calendars.              expendable materials for given kind Of cover Concerns: plastic Spring - it is made exclusively 4 a format, different diameters (possibility to sew from 2 to 500 sheets), different colours a cover transparent and opaque (a various thickness and the invoice) a rigid plate for Of cover Press-Binder (sews from 2 to 200 sheets) Of cover It is necessary to get on plastic spring (the device which punches apertures and helps to "dress" Spring In these apertures) and to choose expendable materials. Spring Share On personal (office), semiprofessional and professional. the basic characteristics : the maximum quantity of punched sheets for once; maximum quantity Of cover ;  Punchers Binding cars Are optimum for office application are supplied by special flat-nose pliers for Scraps And a bend of the ends of a spiral, a ruler for measurement of a thickness Block And definition of suitable diameter of a spiral. desktop cars work with a speed about 200 Blocks At an o`clock is an optimum mode for office application.        - Interline Concept Former . as an initial material here serves a thin strong colour cord of which it is formed Spiral . the end-product stitched By spiral With ends already bent inside.

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