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фестиваль вконтакте 2017
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The french cover of books            art Are engaged presently in cover The private masters working In-home Or consisting in states of some large libraries, the state storehouses and some museums. (however, many of them both these forms combine in themselves.) in moscow and st.-petersburg exist also private workshops where 4 rbts.txt 11-11-11-movie.ru Binding business Is to some extent put On industrial A basis. there For all works Is available Firm price-list , therefore the prices are not discussed, and, besides, the client is deprived the main thing personal contact to the master.            if you have decided to give To book New Cover It is desirable that it was in style of that epoch when Book Has appeared On light . agree, the futuristic edition in semileather "french" Cover Or, on the contrary, Book A xviii-th century in Cover New Cover Is artificial to make old. but it already subtleties, the main thing in case of new Cover to try to minimise its possible damagefor example, in the maximum degree to keep format Of book Or to use in new Cover Elements Cover Old (fly-leaves, labels, ). Books In a cover comprises cover washing (and at necessity and sheets Of book ) with a view of disposal of a dirt and disintegration products (with the subsequent for giving to a paper of the necessary durability), clearing of the rusted metal paper clips, seal of losses and alteration book Block . more often under such, full program it is necessary to restore Of book the period them printed On cheap Or not so suitable for Books To a paper. by our time this paper has practically developed the resource, and the majority such Books Are in great need in restoration of the qualities lost by a paper. Books the oldest technology. it totals some centuries. for the first time it have started to use in xv xvi centuries. but till now The french cover Is the most valuable and hi-tech, some kind of the standard of binding skill. few masters in perfection own this Manual technology Of cover and consider that for many centuries so anything it is better than the french cover and has not been thought up. undoubtedly, it is technology very labour-consuming, completely manual and by means of it, really, are made expensive Of book .            not a secret that especially valuable and expensive Of book Leather. the skin is expensive, but a beautiful and unsurpassed material on the durability. it is necessary to consider still, what not any skin approaches for cover Books . in the french cover it is used two technologies of covering by a skin: integral orin the latter case with a skin are pasted over only Back And corners or in general only one Back . on technology of french cover Of book Cover covering it is necessary to begin with skin to back Block . further it is necessary to observe correct fastening cardboardits edge should be parallel to a back and depict a right angle with bottom and top Sawn-off shotguns . further a skin cut On corners . Of book . handwork of masters and tradition of the french cover will make yours Books Beautiful, durable and exclusive. Of book Not only in beauty, but also in durability. we will stop On some Features of the french cover, its advantages before other kinds of cover Books . one of the basic processes of binding works over Books sewing Of blocks . presently there is a set of various manual and machine ways of a fastening of sheets in To book . difference of the french cover from other technologies consists that in it manual sewing together Block Is used only. it is difficult and labour-intensive process, but result of that costs strong, durable and beautiful Book . badly sewed Of book Quickly are torn in a back and sheets, and sometimes and the whole writing-books drop out from Of book . one more distinctive moment of the french cover is especial processing book Block .            book To block It is necessary to give the correct form, to strengthen and level Back .

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